Table of Contents

Information on Apuleius

Site Map for The Golden Ass and related content:

The Metamorphosis into The Golden Ass

Character List for The Golden Ass

Comparing Lucius and Apuleius
Comparing Lucius and Psyche

Examining Main Themes:

Magic in The Golden Ass
Neoplatonic Philosophy
Meaning of Book XI

Summary of Book XI
Rebirth Analysis: Intro & Conclusion, Quotes, Literature Review
Isis Analysis: Intro & Literature Review, Textual Notes, Religion, Satire, Biographical Influences, Conclusion, References

Relating The Golden Ass to texts like The Onos

Site Map for Cupid and Psyche and related content:

Character list for Cupid and Psyche
Comparing Psyche to Lucius

Cupid and Psyche: An artistic rendition:

1. Before Cupid & Psyche: Charite and the Hag
2. Psyche’s Adoration and Fate
3. Psyche’s Marriage Funeral Procession
4. Zephyr Carries Psyche to the Divine Valley
5. Spirits Attending to Psyche
6. Cupid Visits Psyche in Darkness
7. Psyche and Her Sisters
8. Psyche Uncovers Cupid
9. Cupid Leaves Psyche
10. Psyche is Distraught and Encounters Pan
11. Psyche at the Hands of Venus
12. Psyche in the Underworld
13. Persepone (Pandora)’s Box
14. Cupid Waking Psyche from Her Sleep
15. Psyche’s Ascension to Olympus and Divination
16. Marriage of Cupid and Psyche (conclusion)

Main Themes:

Magic in The Golden Ass
Love and Desire

Neoplatonic Philosophy

Teaching Beauty and the Beast
Teaching Till We Have Faces

Further Reading, References, and Citations